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           fire pits, Patios, Pergolas, and

                custom garden sheds  

Stalwood Construction also specializes in custom garden sheds, pergolas, fire pits, flooring, wood floor patching, window metal cladding, and stonework.  We have an in-house expert who can draw our projects with dimensions and 3D renderings so our clients can see what the project will look like before the project starts; because it is our pleasure to help you customize your own unique spaces. Numerous testimonials from pleased clients attest to Stalwood Construction LLC's performance and caliber of work.  Our metal cladding window sill wrapping has saved our clients a lot of costly window replacement.  It's the simple answer to leaking windows!  We also have the answer to deteriorating cross-ties.  See the pictures below.

Our Specialty Services page shows some of our finished projects. We serve the areas of Blue Ridge, Morganton, McCaysville, Mineral Bluff, and Blairsville in Georgia.  We also serve the area of Copperhill, TN.

Stone pavers, fence supports, and fire pit

Stone Pavers, Fence supports, and fire pit

Fire Pit

Fire Pit

Pergola with plants


PergolaPergola with Fireplace Stone work fireplace with keystone

Stone work at Fireplaces

River rock stone work fireplace

Faux stone work fireplace Retaining wall with stone applied over cross-ties. Wire mesh mortar, and stone.

Stone applied over cross-ties. Wire mesh, mortar, and stone. The plantings will not be disturbed.

Repair to a 100 year old fireplace, now considered a landmark as the cabin was torn down years ago.

The above is a repair to a 100 yr. old fireplace. The cabin was torn down years ago.

Rounded retaining wall with stone applied over  cross-ties 2016

Stone applied over cross-ties (wire mesh applied to cross-ties, mortar and then stone.)

Metal cladding over rotting window sills

Metal cladding over rotting window sills extends the life of your exterior windows without costly window replacement.

Finished metal cladding over window sills

Metal cladding over rotting window sills extends the life of your exterior windows without costly window replacement.

Below, cross-tie retaining walls

Retaining wall finished look Retaining wall before it was reconstructed

Cross-tie retaining wall project................................ Same retainig wall in progress.

Below is a landscape view of a proposed garden shed Stalwood Construction drew for a client

Proposed Garden Shed


Stalwood Construction LLC is a high-profile company offering expertise, 40 years of experience, and quality of work to our clients. We sincerely desire to serve our clients to the best of our ability. We do this because it is our ultimate goal to glorify God with the work of our hands in all that we do.


We are custom renovators, and each project is unique. Please get in touch with us for an estimate today.