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Favorite Projects

Many of our contracted projects are from our local area, but most of our clients are from the Atlanta area and Florida who have second homes in Blue Ridge, GA, Blairsville, GA, and surrounding towns. Some farther away clients include those in Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Alabama. Seeing their project unfold on their internet page gives them peace of mind and avoids several trips to see "what is going on" in the North Georgia Mountains.

Our company is very diverse and has expertise in many phases of custom construction and renovations, as you can see from some of our selected projects below.

Kitchen Remodel

This next project is for a new customer. We will be removing the existing granite, changing the angle of the sink and bar, adding two new base cabinets to match the existing ones, replacing some flooring to match the existing flooring, installing new granite and a new dishwasher, and changing the plumbing and electric.

Bathroom Remodel

This project involves repairing a 15" by 5" new tile shower. The shower was improperly installed and was retaining water.  We will be repairing a two-year-old existing shower, including the shower floor and approximately 1" up the shower walls, as well as the shower bench. The existing shower floor and bench were improperly installed, causing the water to not drain. After the demo, we found the weep holes at the drain to be filled with concrete, and the wood-built bench was placed directly on top of the rubber membrane which caused the water to build up inside the bench and overflow into the shower.  We will be installing PRO-SLOPE for proper drainage and RedGard for waterproofing. We will also be installing  new tile on the shower walls, an all-new tile floor, and a new tile bench. In addition, we will be installing new grout, and a sealer coat will need to be applied.